Sunday, September 9, 2007

Ice Skating with Daddy!

Mckenna went ice skating for the first time on Saturday, she was very excited!!
Kyle's work had reserved Box seats, with delicious catered food for the Diamond Backs game on Friday. I was suppose to have a Pampered Chef show that night, but it canceled at the last minute. So, to make a long story short, Mckenna was going to accompany Kyle to the game in my place, and she was very excited about it. I was secretly happy that my show had canceled because I really wanted to go to the game. Now comes the problem, Mckenna was determined that she was going to go, not me. So to try and make it a win-win situation, Kyle started bargaining with her to stay home so I could go.

Kyle: You know Mckenna, mom really wants to go to the game with me.
Mckenna: you said I could go, I want to go (in her best whiny voice)
Kyle: How about you stay home tonight and I will take you to the movies tomorrow, just the 2 of us?
Mckenna: No! I want to go to the game!
Kyle: How about I take you ice skating tomorrow?
Mckenna: *long pause* (we know she is going for it) umm. OK!

Wahoo! that was easy! Everyone is happy and I am going to the game!!

Kyle and Mckenna
at the Ice Skate Rink!

Mckenna held on to the wall for the
first 10 minutes or so and then was
brave enough to to skate out on her own

Learning how to 'glide'
Good Save!