Friday, November 28, 2008

Another Giveaway!

Diaper Style is being featured on Momma In Flip Flops 2. I have offered a Thirsties Fab Fitted and Thirsties Diaper Cover for a sure to check it out on her blog and enter for your chance to win. Momma In Flip Flops 2 has on going giveaways, and lots of great reviews on products that we as mom's need and use often! So Fun!!!

We had a great Thanksgiving!!! I will post some pictures as soon as Kyle gets them off the camera and on too the computer. I spent the day today fighting crowds and loving the deals!
Even though I didn't have a lot of $$$$$ to spend this year, I can't seem to avoid the hustle and bustle of Black Friday, it starts the Christmas Holiday off for me. What a day:)!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sweet Baby Kaiya

My good friend Angela was blessed with a precious baby girl on October 29th (she looks just like a Hodges baby-so cute!).

Kaiya was born with a heart defect and has been in the hospital being treated since birth. On November 12th Kaiya returned to live with her Heavenly Father.

Angela posted this message on her blog....."Last night, our sweet baby Kaiya went home to be with her Heavenly Father. She is now in the loving arms of her Heavenly Father. She no longer has to endure the pain. She got to spend her last day in the arms of her mother. We will miss her more than words can explain. We have faith that we will meet again one day and cradle her in our arms."

For those of you that know Angela and Kevin, Kaiya's funeral will be held this Friday (Nov. 21st) at 9:30 a.m. at Green Acres Cemetery located at 401 N. Hayden Rd. in Scottsdale.

A fund has been started to help pay for the Funeral services and other Medical bills. A link to the paypal account is on my friend, Jennifer's blog, if you would like to donate . There are also a few auctions going on to raise money (the funeral services alone will be around $10, 000.00).

Jennifer has thought of another way to help out the Hodges (I stole this from her blog too!)

"SO! I was just thinking that another great way to help the Hodges out with the horrid bills they will be paying is to buy a bag from Angie! She sells way cute hand bags, totes and diaper bags!

Here's a link to her online boutique: Afton and Elaine's!

Her shipping prices are very reasonable! Just remember that she's going to be in Arizona for a while and so your order will take a little longer to be shipped!

Just another way to help...and get a cute bag too! Who can resist that!? :) "

Anyway....I love the Hodges. I am so sad that they are going through such a hard thing. I think about Angela all day and pray for her to have some peace and comfort. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Photo Shoot

Our camera bit the dust a few weeks ago and so Kyle has been playing with our new one using our kids as test subjects-what could be better?

Carson my handsome boy.
(We need to work on what is going on in the
background when taking pictures)

Last Sunday when I got out of the shower
I found Kyle giving Carson a BUZZ cut!
I about died. But at least Carson is proud of his buzz cut
and it is starting to grow on me.

Kyle built a light box for taking pictures of my inventory for my web site.
We decided to see if Claire would fit in it and take some pictures.
We will edit out the box edges before we print them up.

Claire has just started sitting up this week.
She is growing way to fast.....slow down baby girl!

Playing with Photo Shop!

We will be using Claire to model some of our cloth diapers for the website and she will be on my business cards.....too cute!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

And the winners are.....!!!!!!

First a big thank you goes out to everyone that visited my blog during the bloggy carnival!

I had Halle draw 2 numbers out of a bowl to pick the winners (I know, so technical)

The winner of the first giveaway for the Paci Clip is comment #39 who said "It really doesn't sound as horrifyingly hard as I imagined. And there's no "dunking or swishing" needed these days? Yay!", congratulations Brianne!!

The winner of the second giveaway for the set of 6 Thirsties Fab Wipes is comment # 12 who said "I like the orange! I would use these instead of the homemade cloth wipes I made! Thanks for the chance to win. =) It's great to find contests cloth diaper related."
Congratulations Andrea!! I hope you enjoy these super soft cloth wipes! And it is good to find someone who understands my love of all things 'CLOTH' :)!

Thanks again!!!