Sunday, September 9, 2007

Ice Skating with Daddy!

Mckenna went ice skating for the first time on Saturday, she was very excited!!
Kyle's work had reserved Box seats, with delicious catered food for the Diamond Backs game on Friday. I was suppose to have a Pampered Chef show that night, but it canceled at the last minute. So, to make a long story short, Mckenna was going to accompany Kyle to the game in my place, and she was very excited about it. I was secretly happy that my show had canceled because I really wanted to go to the game. Now comes the problem, Mckenna was determined that she was going to go, not me. So to try and make it a win-win situation, Kyle started bargaining with her to stay home so I could go.

Kyle: You know Mckenna, mom really wants to go to the game with me.
Mckenna: you said I could go, I want to go (in her best whiny voice)
Kyle: How about you stay home tonight and I will take you to the movies tomorrow, just the 2 of us?
Mckenna: No! I want to go to the game!
Kyle: How about I take you ice skating tomorrow?
Mckenna: *long pause* (we know she is going for it) umm. OK!

Wahoo! that was easy! Everyone is happy and I am going to the game!!

Kyle and Mckenna
at the Ice Skate Rink!

Mckenna held on to the wall for the
first 10 minutes or so and then was
brave enough to to skate out on her own

Learning how to 'glide'
Good Save!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

July San Diego trip!

Ok, so I know we went on our trip in July, but I didn't have a blog back then, and I want to post about our here goes!!!

We went to Campland at the Bay in San Diego for 6 wonderful days! The weather was perfect and the campground was great. I would pick this type of vacation (with kids) over staying in a hotel anyday! Of course my first choice is a Beach House, but that is not always in the budget.
Here is a view of our camp site from what we called, the Skate Park because even thought it said "no skateboarding" all over the place, that is where every teenage boy skateboarded! Mckenna, Ashlyn, Bailey and Carson thought it was their duty to tell ( I mean YELL at) the skateboarders that they were not suppose skateboard there.
It was very convenient being next to the fire pit/amphitheater/skate park, because the kids would ride their bikes around the circle and play there for hours!

As soon as we were done setting up camp, we walked to the Bay. Halle wanted to walk straight into the water, she had absolutely no fear. We learned very quickly that we could not her little hand go!

crazy hair day!

Notice the skateboards in the background and the 'No Skateboarding" painted on the cement? Carson tried to hang out with these big boys, since all he had was girls to play with on the trip.

Day at the beach!
cute, sandy feet~these belong to (left to right) Ashlyn, Mckenna,& Bailey. Notice how Mckenna's feet have the least amount of sand on them? I bet you are thinking that is because she is such a good kid and tries really hard to stay clean.
Nope, she had just walked straight across all our blankets and towels, while the other 2 went around! That's my Mckenna *sigh* :)

Day 2 at the beach!
My cute DH and Halle.
Halle started out sitting up, and slowly inched her way onto her tummy, where she laid and buried her arms in the sand, and of course tried to eat the shells! She really loves to become one with the sand!

Waiting for our breakfast outside of Kono's! My Aunt and Uncle introduced us to this yummy little restaurant! They have the best potato/hash brown things!
Mckenna has developed a fear of heights! The cracks on the boardwalk and the steps down to the beach, were very scary to her. She crawled like this, very slowly, all the way across the landing to the steps and all the way down to the sand. When we went out on the pier she was literally shaking with fear! I feel so bad for her...I admit.... I did laugh more than I should have! I had a huge fear of heights when I was younger, and I am still afraid of the Ferris Wheel, although I will tackle any Roller Coaster!

We also had breakfast with Shamu and spent the day at Sea World. I will do a Sea World post tomorrow!

Friday, August 24, 2007

I just remembered that I wanted to share a conversation that I had with Mckenna and Carson today. It all started with Carson being very cuddly and clingy today, I started to think about when he grows up and he is no longer my 'little boy'. It went like this....

Me: So Carson, are you going to get married someday?
Carson: uh-huh, I yam
Me: Are you going to have any kids
Carson: me yam
Me: are you going to get a house of your own
Carson: (as he hugged me) I want to yive here with you.
Me: Are your kids going to live here too?
Carson: uh-huh!
Me: You know, you will have to get your own house when you get married and have kids.
Carson: (making the saddest face ever, about to cry, hugging me more) No...I want to yive with you
Mckenna: (after listening to Carson and I, and being the logical one that she is) I will get my own house Mom. I can buy Rayleans (our neighbor) when she sells it, then I can live next door. Carson (she says) you can buy the other neighbors house, and live on the other side of Mom(but he was not having any of it, now he is even more sad)
Mckenna again: I am going to have 8 boys and 8 girls.

Me: Wow! Thats a lot of kids.
Mckenna: I know (she laughs) it would be crazy (emphasis on crazy)...there would be babies crying all over the place (as she waves her hand around the room) Then she tried to demonstrate how to hold that many crying babies
Me: Laughing and thinking...she deserves 16 babies!!!
Mckenna: Actually I will probably just have 2 boys and 2 girls. I will either have a boy or girl first (ya think, me laughing again)
Moral of the story....It is way to early to even think about my kids leaving 'the nest'! And I still have many years to be the 'favorite girl' in my little boys life! .

Here we go!

We are starting our family blog! I am so excited to have a way to record and share our family happenings with our family and friends. I finally made the decision to start blogging when I saw some info about getting your blog made into a book (Thanks Kylie, I saw it on your blog!), I thought this is I can get our blog printed every 6 mo. or year and not feel so guilty about never getting around to my scrapbooking.

I guess I will start with our most recent family picture...

Funny thing is, we aren't even Simpsons fans, Kyle just found the site and thought it was pretty funny to "Simpsonize" us.

My next few posts will probably be from past events....Our trip to San Diego's Campland at the Bay, Mckennas first day of school and a few other memorable experiences. Hopefully I can restrain myself from not posting every picture we took!

That's all for tonight. I gotta go help Kyle, he is once again in the 'project mode' and has starting digging the holes for our future Tree House/Fort, huge thing! I will post pics as the project progresses. Wish me luck to make it through one more of his 'projects' AAhhhh!

On a side note, Kyle just found a cute baby frog. Carson and Halle sure do have high pitched squeals! Ouch, my ears!