Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Prepare yourselves....

I have some time and Kyle finally made these pictures accessible from my computer so I have a ton of posts to catch up on!

From Kyle!

Kyle got this beautiful necklace and earrings to celebrate the birth of Claire, our last baby. I sent him an e-mail awhile back that had a link to Lisa Leonards etsy shop and told him that if needed any idea's for gifts for me, that I would love something from her shop. I was totally surprised and so happy when he presented this to me at the hospital the day after we had Claire.
I love it so much! (I do have to send it back and get the names re-done because she placed the stars wrong), it is the coolest gift ever!!! I still wear it and get a ton of complements on it! I have a great husband!

I am a baby too!

I think that I mentioned it before, but when we were going through the baby clothes for Claire, Halle kept trying to put on the clothes. I told her they were for the baby and she said, I am a baby too. Well, she pretty much uses all the baby things like the swing, bouncy seat, etc. I guess it helps that she only weighs 22 lbs at 26 months old and can fit in everything still. Well, the other day I had put her down for a nap and put the gate up in her door. About 10 min. later I walked down the hall and noticed that her door was open and she was not in her room. I started looking for her and finally found her in my room......guess where she was.........

Yep, in the baby bassinet!

Claires first bath!

Claire's umbilical cord has FINALLY fallen off completely. She had her first bath this weekend and loved it. She was so content and calm and even slept great that night.
Poor Halle is having a hard time not being the baby anymore. My mom looked over at the kitchen and saw that Halle had stripped off her clothes and was trying to arrange herself so she could lay down and have a bath in the sink too. She didn't quit fit. She was so sad. (don't mind the dishes soaking in the sink-gross)

Daddy time!

Halle likes to "help" Kyle mow the yard. It takes him about an hour to the back yard and she will stay with him the whole time. Sounds boring to me.....but she loves it! Usually she has a hat on and a sippy cup in hand.


Papa and Grandma Dugger are on a mission at the Palmyra Temple. These are some pictures from the day that they left. My kids were so sad that they were leaving that we had to stop by one more time, even though we had been at their house for hours the night before.
They have been gone for a few months already and will be back by Thanksgiving! Claire will be about 6 months old when she meets them for the first time!

Don't ask...I have no idea what Mckenna is doing.

Papa giving Halle one last kiss good bye.

Grandma with her suckers!

One last hug for Carson.

Carson has started calling everyone 'Grandma Marie', he even calls me 'mommy Marie' sometimes. My mom laughs about it, but I think it is getting a little old to her now being called by the "other" grandma's name. He misses her so much.

Irrigation anyone?

This is what we do when we have irrigation! Anyone want to join us this Friday for some boating fun? It is all Kyle's idea. I think he wants to be a Toys R' Us kid too (see next post)!

Boating under the trampoline!

This is actually our second boat. The dog popped the other one and so Kyle HAD to get another.
Usually Kyle is in the boat with them, but I couldn't find the camera before he got out.
The water gets so deep out there. I have to keep the door locked and take the key out when we get the water because I am afraid of Halle drowning. As gross as it is, the kids (this includes Kyle) love to be out there in the boat.

Are you a Toys R' Us kid?

This morning just after Carson had woke up, he said in a very serious voice and with a very serious face , 'Mom, I'm a toys r' us kid'. I kinda laughed and said you are? Then he said 'ya, I don't want to grow up', and hugged me. It was the funniest thing! He was so serious and made a kinda sad face when he said he doesn't want to grow up. He is too cute.

T Rex teeth!

Carson buddy, I feel the same way!