Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Don't know yet...

Here is a collage that Kyle made for our parents for Christmas. I dont know how to make it any bigger, but these are the most currents pictures of our family!

Unfortunately we don't know what we are having. When I went for my ultrasound we found out the I have a low-lying placenta (can't I ever have a "normal" pregnancy?), the baby was breech and VERY wiggly. It was very hard to a good view of the baby at because my placenta, which appears 'white' on the screen was covering most of the baby. Dr. Holmes was doing all he could to get a good view. At first he said 'I think its a girl", then a minute later he said "boy" then he said he really did not know. If there happened to be a view where he could tell, the baby was too wiggly or the umbilical cord was in the way. So for now we don't know. I am going crazy!! I don't like not knowing. I like to be "surprised" at the ultrasound, not when the baby is born.
It is the same with Christmas and birthdays, if I know that someone has a present or surprise for me it drives me crazy, I would rather know right away.
Kyle is opposite of me, he doesn't want any hints about what he might be getting at Christmas. He also hates the previews when we are at the movies. He is really embarrassing to sit by at the theater because he will close his eye's and plug his ears and sometimes even make noises to block out the sound during previews. He doesn't do this for all the movies (like the new Enchanted) just for movies like Spiderman, Lord of The Rings, basically any and all 'action' type of movie. So if you are ever at the movies with us or by us and want a good laugh, just watch Kyle and you can be embarrassed for me!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

A New Year Goal!

Ok. So I have been really bad about posting on a regular basis. One of my goals this year is to post weekly hopefully I will be posting 2x a week. One regular post and one Blessing Post (see below). I found this on another blog and really want to do the Blessing Project. What a great way to be reminded of the many blessings in my life and be able to document them. Maybe at the end of the year I can print a little blessings of 2008 book!

The 52 Blessings Project

About 52 Blessings
Once a week post a photo of something you are most grateful for. This gives us a chance to reflect on the good things we have learned from or that have made us better in our everyday lives or things we just enjoy! I think everyone needs to be more grateful for what they have now days instead of always thinking about what we want! This is one of the things we can do to be more gracious people. It will be like a photo gratitude journal.

I am so excited for this new year! I feel that it will be good one. To start off the good year, we are expecting baby #4 in May! I can't believe I will have 4 children, sometimes I start to panic a little just thinking about it. BUT.....everyone tells me that having 4 is no different than 3???? So I am hanging on to that impossible hope. I know that many bloggers pick a word for the year, and I thought that I had decided my word would be "LIVE" but maybe it should be "SURVIVE" because that is kinda how I feel~like I am in survival mode and I can't imagine it getting any better with a new baby around. The problem with 'survive' is that it really is a negative word, at least concerning what it means to me. So maybe I will stick with LIVE and it will help me to enjoy life, to count my blessings, to be a better wife and mother, and most important to take time for myself and LIVE so I can be better at all the other things!

On another exciting note....I have started a new business. I will be making a change from a Director with The Pampered Chef to a new consultant with a great, new company....SIMPLYFUN!!!! You can check out my website at Did you know that Plato said, "You can learn more about a person in an hour of play that in a lifetime of conversation." What a great thing the power of play is to relationships. At Simplyfun our mission is to "promote the importance of play and create life long memories that enhance the quality of life for our Consultants, customers, and employees." I love this company and all the products.

I tried to post some pictures, that will have to wait until my next blog, for some reason I keep getting an error.grrrrr.

I am going with my Mom, Sister, and SIL to the Bridal Expo today to hopefully get some planning done for Meghans April wedding (yes, I will be 8+ months pregnant and her Bridesmaid-augh!)