Tuesday, August 3, 2010

It's been awhile

I don't even know where to start, It has been way to long since my last post.
Life has a crazy way of getting away from me as it has this last year

My kids are growing too fast
Mckenna is starting 3rd grade, Carson is in 1st and Halle is starting preschool.
Claire is almost out of diapers.
I know I should be happy, but that really only means that she is growing up
and I no longer have a 'baby'.

I am trying to find my way again.
We need schedules and plans and goals that involve something other than our business.
Baby Half Off has wings of it's own and growing in record speed.
We moved to a warehouse and opened a boutique this month.
Crazy!! I still can't believe what it has become, how blessed we are with the business.

School starts next week- so of course I had to buy 20 packs of brand new crayons!
I am a certified crayon snob...I like the new pointy ones and buy them in bulk.
I think another 20 or so packs should last until the next back to school sale in 2011.

Claire is up right now, as she usually is late at night when the others are already asleep.
She chatters and talks and repeats everything we say.
Kyle sings, she sings. She walks around naked because she had to go "pee now" or "poopy now" and we are both too tired to put another diaper (yes, a cloth diaper) on her.

Today is our 10 year Anniversary. Kyle cleaned out most of my front room and moved the Baby Half Off shelves over to Seth and Amy's garage. It is so nice to have my home be a home and not
a warehouse. Thanks for making life more sane Kyle :) What a great Anniversary present (other than my new Droid that you are getting me)....you know me too well.

I know every year I say that I post that I am going to start posting more regularly
But this year I mean it.
I need to remember and document our family experiences
I have too much going on to remember and enjoy the little things each day and I hope that my blog can help me take some time and remember the day-I don't want to miss this! :)