Friday, February 5, 2010

A New Post-Gasp!

It has been forever since I have posted. Again.
For some reason even though I would love to be a daily poster, I am not.
Life is busy, so busy in fact that I feel like it is passing me by-and I don't want to miss it.

I want to remember the good times. Blogs are good for that!

Claire has reached the 'no' stage. Everything to her is 'no' and it is not a nice 'no', it is a high pitched quick NO! It really is cute, at least for now. Funny how quickly I know that will change. She really is stinkin' cute! Everything she does is cute-I love this age.

Mckenna reads ALL the time. I love it. I have my own little book worm. She is turning 8 in a few months. I almost can't believe that she will be baptized soon. I remember thinking about how that day was so far away when she was born. I admit in those first few sleepless months, I couldn't wait for the day she was older. Now, I would like her to slow down a little bit and my baby for longer.

My life is crazy busy. I can't imagine being any busier or even fitting one more thing in. I wish that I had time to read(like my little book worm) something other than business e-mails, invoices, company info. etc... Please tell me that someday life will return to at least half way normal.
Don't get me wrong. I am happy for the success of Baby Half Off. It has just grown so fast that
there really wasn't a slow growing/adjustment period.

I hope to post more often. I need to get some pictures on here.

In the meantime-go check out other 'baby'


The Glenns said...

More Pictures!

Jennifer said...

HEY! This post is new to me!!! I NEED you to post more so I can have a clue what's going on with you. BUT! I know how busy life is. you wanna go to TOFW??? We kindda talked about that I think.