Sunday, April 12, 2009

New Blog!

I am starting a new blog for cloth diapering info. and for posting specials and giveaways from my cloth diaper and more store, Diaper Style. I love to share how great cloth diapers are, but I want to re-focus my blog on my family. I am determined to keep it current and hopefully be able to print a book next year to keep for family history. I have a ton of scrapbooking stuff that I just don't use and figure my blog is the next best thing for keeping a record of what we are doing! are welcome to bug me when I am not keeping up on it, in fact you are encouraged to do so! It is so easy to let things slip, but I think that keeping a record of our lives is important and really only takes about 15 or so minutes to update.
So here it goes.....again!

Here are some cute pictures we took of Claire (for my website) yesterday at Kyle's family Easter Party.
There are more pictures to come of the rest of the kids during the easter egg hunt, but for now these are the only pictures that I can find on my computer.

Claire has started to walk. She takes tiny little steps, it is so cute.
I can't believe that she will be ONE yr. next month.
My little baby is growing way too fast!


✩Molly✩ said...

what beautiful pictures! If Scarlett wasn't nearly out of diapers i would consider trying out the cloth diaper thing. Though, my husband is against the idea... I am excited to follow your blog, with current posts :) luv ya.

Tanya Leigh said...

Cute pics! Are these BumGenius dipes?

Skye Lee said...

The orange one is a BumGenius but the pink one is the One-Size Rocky Mountain Diaper.

Kyle and Sarah said...

Claire is so cute! Love the pics!