Monday, April 27, 2009


So the Flu has made it's rounds in my family. It started with Mckenna having a headache for 2 days. It quickly turned into a fever and a really bad achy body. Then Carson, Halle and Claire all had a fever and were throwing up. Next Claire and I got what Mckenna had. We are both still fighting it off, but it seem's like we are on the mend. Kyle has managed to avoid it all so far (what a blessing!). In true form, I can't find any pictures that I took over the last few weeks-augh!! I think that it is time that I learn how to download pictures off the camera!


Angela said...

I am sorry, it is never good for mom and the kids to be sick! I am glad you are on the mend!

Jennifer Flake said...

Hope you're ALL better now!


Laura and Jimmy said...

ugh! i'm sorry and i'm glad you're all on the mend. i think literally everybody is sick or has been in the last couple of weeks!! :P